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The Pure Water Occasional is a free email newsletter about water and water treatment. This website acts as an archive for early back issues of the newsletter plus a holding place for articles about water contaminants and treatment methods, "how to" articles about water treatment, links to equipment manufacturers' websites, a glossary of water treatment terminology, and more.

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The Pure Water Occasional is an email publication of the Pure Water Gazette.

This site is also the home of three significant series of water treatment articles:

The How It Works series examines familiar but sometimes misunderstood devices used in water treatment. If you've ever wondered how a reverse osmosis unit, or a permeate pump, or an air gap faucet works, this is the place to look.

The Water Treatment Issues series focuses on specific issues that are targeted by water treatment. Note that the topics are "issues," not contaminants, although many of the issues discussed are indeed common water contaminants. Low pH is an issue that is frequently addressed in water treatment, but it isn't, properly speaking, a contaminant.

The Water Treatment Methods series examines specific water treatment methods, focusing on the methodology of water treatment rather than symptoms. For example, how hydrogen peroxide or soda ash are used to treat water.

Other sections include a great and growing page of active links to water treatment and general water information websites. We do not trade links, so the sites included are sites we feel are worthwhile. There's also a section describing the newest products to appear on our sponsor's commercial sites.

The financial sponsor of both the Pure Water Gazette and its offspring the Pure Water Occasional is Pure Water Products. Pure Water Products sells a large variety of water treatment equipment, and you'll see a link to its main website from time to time as well as satellite websites that offer specific products in greater detail.

The Occasional is edited by Hardly Waite and shares staff with the Pure Water Gazette. Veteran Pure Water Gazette columnists Tiger Tom and B. Bea Sharper are contributors. Tech wizard Pure Water Annie is also a regular contributor of technical articles.

As new issues of the Occasional appear, they are archived on this site.

The current archive goes back to 2009. After April 15, 2013 all new Occasionals are archived on the Pure Water Gazette website.

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