NanoCeram Filter Cartridges

Standard Sized Filter Cartridges for Treatmemt of Fine Sediment

We now offer NanoCeram filter cartridges in the four most popular sizes. NanoCeram is the leading brand in the new breed of sediment filters made with electro-adhesion technology.

The most common application of the electro-adhesion filtration is in the form of a standard pleated filter cartridge. Pleated filters offer greatest surface surface area and provide a perfect delivery mode for electro-adhesion. The result is a filter that has 2 to 3 micron physical filtration capability, but with the application of nano technology it can trap fine and ultra-fine particles down to 0.02 microns.

Part Number Cartridge Size

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FC031 2.5" X 9.75" $55
FC214 2.5" X 20" $79
FC357 4.5" x 10" $97
FC475 4.5" X 20" $168


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