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www.pwgazette.com. Pure Water Products' Main Product Page. A large selection water treatment products and extensive information about water treatment.

www.purauv.com. Commercial site devoted entirely to Pura ultraviolet water treatment systems.

www.countertopwaterfilters.com. Commercial site devoted exclusively to the classy Model 77 countertop water filter, "the world's greatest $77 water filter."

www.spriteshowerfilters.com. Commercial site that features the Sprite High Output Shower filters, the shower filter that makes you sing better.

www.purewatergazette.net. Online variety magazine about water, mostly. Vast piles of pertinent and impertinent information in the Pure Water Gazette's tangy, irreverent style.


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Pure Water Occasional Links to our Most Recent Product Additions

Below are the latest products added to our family of websites.

The arrangement is in chronological order, with newest items on top.

Fleck 2510 Control Valves. Tough 2510 Control Valves for softeners and filters. Here's the preview page.

Tomlinson Faucets. We're picked up the entire line of superb qualiity Tomlinson ledge faucets for undersink filters and reverse osmosis units.

Big Bubba. The classy high flow cartridge filter from Watts. Here's the preview page on this website. Here is Big Bubba on our main product website.

The Chloramine Catcher. A sturdy backwashing filter designed to reduce chloramines for city water users. The Chloramine Catchers features the Fleck 2510 control, a water-efficient Vortech mineral tank, and Centaur catalytic carbon. See it here on our main website.